Admin > Site Settings

Maintenance and system setup tasks of KinderConnect are managed in the Admin activity. It is also used to manage the overall appearance and functionality of KinderConnect.

Operators with administrative rights can review the error log as well as edit the site and permission settings.

The field values on the Admin > Site Settings page affect the internal operation of KinderConnect. Some of these values are set during deployment and cannot be changed while others can be modified by the System Administrator. These settings affect the preferences that govern how the system functions. Changes should only be performed with technical assistance from knowledgeable Controltec personnel.

Press Save for changes to Site Settings to be effective immediately. The Recycle button is used only if it is necessary to restart the system immediately. Note that pressing Recycle forces every user off the system out, regardless of permissions or current activity.

Red asterisk (*) indicates a required field.

Edit Site Settings

  1. Select the Admin activity from the Navigation Bar.
  2. Open the Site Settings page.
  3. General Setting

    An image showing the site settings page after expanding general settings

    Password and Log On Settings

    An image showing password and log on settings

    Splash Screen Settings

    An image showing splash screen settings

    KinderConnect allows for various messages to apply in different pages of the application. Use these fields to enter or modify the message you would like to appear in the Home page, the Login page, or the Attendance Submission page.

    Messages on the Client Portal screen are used to provide information to Sponsors.

    Register User Settings

    An image showing register user settings

    If checked, the agency can select one or more ID Fields to be used for verification purposes when a user attempts to self-register.  The user's response to each selected ID Field must match a record in KinderConnect in order to successfully complete self-registration.

    Report Settings

    An image showing report settings

    Payment Settings

    An image showing payment settings

    Mobile Device Settings

    An image showing mobile device settings

    Use these settings to define how the mobile devices will interact with KinderConnect.