Attendance > Submit

The Attendance > Submit page of KinderConnect allows the user to review details and Submit attendance or hours of care of children at the selected Provider.  

An image showing the attendance drop down menu

  1. Select the Attendance activity from the Navigation Bar.
  2. Open the Submit page.  Depending on your Operator type or previous selection, the Provider field may be populated.
  3. An image showing a submit attendance search page by provider and region

  4. If not, press Select >> to enter the criteria to search for a Provider. The more criteria you add, the more specific the results of your search will be.
  5. An image showing how to select a provider

  6. Enter the required information into the available fields and press Search to generate results.
  7. An image showing the search results from the provider search page

  8. The system generates results based on the criteria entered.  The example above displays all providers whose name start with "H."
  9. Click on the radio button next to the name of the desired Provider, then press OK to open a list of the Attendance records.
  10. An image showing the attendance reconds for a selected provider

    It is now possible to Submit new attendance or Recall already submitted attendance. The Operator can also include any pertinent Notes.

Submitting Attendance

  1. Press Submit on the row corresponding to the billing cycle you would like to submit. The system displays the list of attendance for all children. Note that the records indicate a Ready Status. Click on the check box corresponding to the Child you would like to Submit attendance for.  To select all, click on the check box located in the header row (click again to deselect).
  2. An image showing attendance being submitted

  3. Press Save.
  4. Attendance is normally submitted at the end of a billing cycle, for example, covering a full month of services. If a Provider chooses to submit attendance early, prior to the end of the billing cycle, the system issues a detailed warning for the Provider to review which needs to be accepted prior to submission.
  5. An image showing an early attendance submital warning

  6. Enter your Password to indicate that you understand how submitting attendance early will prevent entering attendance for the rest of the days of the month.
  7. Press Submit Early.
  8. The system displays the Attendance Submittal verification terms for your review.
  9. Click on the check box to indicate agreement with the terms and conditions.
  10. An image showing the option to submit or cancel the attendance submission.

  11. Press Submit Attendance to complete submission.

Incomplete Attendance Records

When preparing to Submit Attendance, KinderConnect notifies the user of all incomplete records: They appear in red and there is no check box. Click on Correct or Attendance corresponding to the incomplete record to access the associated page for more details or editing.

An image showing incomplete attendance records

The example above shows attendance records with Incomplete status, No Attendance and Pending approval.

  1. Press Correct to view a detail of the necessary corrections you need to make.
  2. An image showing corrections being made on attendance records

  3. Make the necessary changes, press Save.
  4. Or, you can also:

  5. Press Attendance > Detail to access the attendance details page for the selected Provider and make the necessary changes.
  6. Press Save.
  7. You can now attempt to Submit Attendance again.

Recall Attendance

It is possible to Recall Attendance to correct errors or missing information as needed.

  1. Open the Submit page to open a list of the Attendance records.
  2. An image showing how to recall attendance

  3. Note that the Submitted column lists the Attendance already submitted which is the only one that can be recalled, if on time.
  4. Click on the Recall button corresponding to the Attendance Cycle you would like to recall.
  5. An image showing which attendance cycles can be recalled

  6. The Attendance submitted for every child in care during that Attendance Cycle displays.  To select, click the check box next to the Child Name you would like to recall or click the check box on the title row to select all.
  7. Press Save. The system immediately recalls the previously submitted Attendance selected. You can now review, make the necessary changes, and Submit again.
  8. It is possible to review the selected Attendance from this page by pressing the Attendance link.

Payment Note

The system allows the Provider to add Notes to Attendance submitted for payment.

  1. Open the Submit page to open a list of the Attendance records.
  2. An image showing how to leave a note on submitted attendance records

  3. Click on Note.
  4. An image showing the payment note page

  5. Enter the desired text.
  6. Press Save.